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With all the dynamic changes in racquet technology today it seems difficult to pick out one new product over another. Topspin will remove the mystery.

Once you have the type of racquet narrowed down based on your style of play and budget- try one of our dozens of demos to make your decision easier. For each demo we charge $5 per day and this amount will be deducted (up to $30) for the purchase of a new frame.


Our team will give technical advice on racquet problems. For example, if your grip is too large or too small we can adjust your grip size with a simple build-up or shave down. Topspin also replaces worn grommet sets and will adjust your racquet balance and weighting.

Just bring in your stick and our technicians will sit down and discuss the optimal adjustments to resolve your racquet issues

Are you looking to join a tennis or fitness club?

We’ll have some suggestions to help you make the right choice for the indoor season or for the summer months. Or if you’re simply looking for a game with a player of your level- we can help.


If you’re looking for lessons for yourself or your junior, our employees will be happy to direct you to one of the best local tennis professionals or programs.

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Topspin provides same-day custom stringing. We use the #1 stringing machine in the industry. The Wilson Baiardo machine is the same one used at the
US Open and is guaranteed to be accurate of 1/10 lb of your desired tension.

                                                                 Our expert stringers are dedicated to perfection and are available to consult with you on the ultimate
                                                                 strings for you based on your level and style of play. Topspin will help you serve ACES. 

                                                                 Our staff will address issues and questions you might have such as:

                                                                 •  Not Enough Power
                                                                 •  Not Enough Control
                                                                 •  Tennis Elbow
                                                                 •  String Breakage
                                                                 •  Great Hybrid Combos

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